We are ready for your scrap!

Regulations completed in California.

  • We are Publicly Certified for Truck Scales. American Metal Recycling has the ability and the experience in weigh by the truck load. Our truck scales included weighing and reweighing of vehicles and containers to verify the net weight.

  • To remove MRSH from major appliances you must be certified by the State of California. American Metal Recycling has passed all state requirements.

  • American Metal Recycling is complient with “ISRI” regulaitons. We are proud to be apart of an organizaiton that promotes public awareness of the value and importance of recycling to
    the production of the world’s goods and service.

  • California pays you to recycle. California is one of the many states that has the so called “Bottle Bill” to encourage recycling of beverage containers. WE except all containers that carry the CA CRV logo.

  • American Metal Recycling is certified to help safely discard your company’s information and items that hold importance. American Metal Recycling has passed all codes and is certified in the State of California.

  • Our standards are compliant to one of the largest safety and health requirement organizations – OSHA. Each scrap metal yard is OSHA certified.

  • Here at American Metal Recycling we pay Cash for Cars. We have passed all california regulations and exams to make this an easy to smash for cash!