We have local locations in Fontana and Grand Terrace open to the public for metal recycling. We accept metal and pay you cash on the spot for all types of metals including aluminum cans, appliances, cars, plastic bottles and more. Our trained staff is prepared to sort and process your scrap metal and recyclables.

California Refund Value

The CRV of a can or value is the amount you pay at checkout when you buy anything in cans and bottles at the supermarket. When you bring your CRV eligible cans or bottles to our recycling center you will receive the following:

  • $.05 for containers under 24 ounces
  • $.10 for containers over 24 ounces

To identify if a container is CRV eligible look for the phrase “CA CASH REFUND” or “CA CRV” imprinted on the container. Typically aluminum cans are labeled at the top while glass and plastic bottles are marked on the label.

Start recycling today

All you have to do to start recycling right now is simply save your cans and bottles and bring them to your nearest American Metal Recycling center. Be sure to separate your CRV from your non CRV containers.

We are committed to making recycling as convenient for our community as possible. Give us a call to set up a pick up, stop by one of our locations to receive cash immediately for your recyclables or check out our resources in the sidebar to learn more about recycling.