Facts About Recycling

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Understanding recycling is just as important as recycling. Recycling reduces waste, increases material utility, and is used to protect the environment. Below is list of facts about recycling.

  1. Iron and steel are the world’s most recycled materials and among the easiest materials to reprocess. This is due to the ability to incorporate magnets in the waste stream separation process.

  2. 42% of crude steel is made from recycled material

  3. The aluminum β€œcan” is the most recycled consumer product in the United States.

  4. The aluminum beverage can industry uses more aluminum than any other industry.

  5. Roughly 70% of all metal is used only once and then thrown away. The remaining 30% is recycled. After 5 cycles only .25% (one quarter of one percent) of the original metal remains in circulation.

  6. When you throw away an aluminum can you are wasting the equivalent amount of energy of filling up that same can with gasoline and pouring it on the ground.

  7. In as little as 60 days a recycled aluminum can is able to be back on the supermarket shelf.

  8. In the United States over 100 million tin and steel cans are used every day.

  9. Mining wastes, air pollution, and water pollution are reduced by about 70% when a steel mill uses recycled metal scraps.

  10. Huge magnets collect millions of steel cans every day by pulling them out of garbage.

  11. Over 60% of all cans in a supermarket are made of steel.