Commercial and Industrial

What is good for our planet is good for your business.

American Metal Recycling will work with your business to develop and improve business operations, help to raise diversion rates and improve regulatory requirements to better our greater environment.

As a your local recycling center we are prepared and have the resources to help increase efficiency in your company.

  • Our fleet of trucks are available to provide demolition, clean up, and industrial recycling with prompt attention to scheduling and detail. All driver services are 100% compliant to the State of California and up to date on all regulations.

  • Companies involved in manufacturing will need an outlet for scrap metal by products. American Metal Recycling works with you to increase profits and add to the companies bottom line by decreasing the expense of waste services.

  • Construction jobs will always have left over scrap metal. Plumbers,
    Electricians, Framers and large industrial projects need an outlet to increase efficiency and clean up. American Metal Recycling has developed programs to ensure this gets done properly and effectively.

  • Holding onto unused inventory, commercial and retail customers develop large expenses by letting these items sit in your warehouse. American Metal Recycling with partner with youto turn obsolete inventory into recycling profits.