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Steel and Copper markets


Steel and copper are both very common metals that are recycled by both individuals and businesses. Although both of these metals are widely used and recycled throughout the world, you will find that the prices vary significantly. This makes it very important to understand the various scrap metal markets and what makes certain metals worth more than others.

Steel is known as the most recycled item in the world with a recycling rate of over 50% every year for the past 50 years. More steel is recycled than paper, glass, plastic and aluminum combined. Due to its impressive metallurgical properties, steel can be recycled continuously with no loss in durability or quality. Over the past five years, steel’s value has fluctuated from $.06 to $.63 per pound with the going rate in mid 2015 of $.07 per pound.

Copper is the world’s third most used material just after iron and aluminum. It also happens to be the most valuable scrap metal out there due to being completely recyclable with no loss in quality. Over the past five years, copper’s value has fluctuated from $2.35 to $4.58 per pound with the going rate in mid 2015 of $2.36 per pound.

While the price may fluctuate for both steel and copper, the demand and ease of recycling will eventually and continuously cause the value to increase. Give us a call at our nearest location to find the current going rate for steel and copper.

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The Iron market: an updated breakdown

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Iron is a very popular metal when it comes to both commercial and residential recycling. This includes cast iron, nails and screws, iron shelving, air conditioners, gym equipment, bike frames, washers, refrigerators and much more. If you are looking to scrap iron it is important to understand the iron market, where it is headed and how to ensure you get the most our of your recycling efforts.

The iron market is severely driven by the industrial consumer since scrap metal is generally recycled to be used as an alternative to more costly virgin materials. Not only is scrap metal less costly than using virgin materials for the consumer, but it is more energy efficient. As the market for scrap metal by these consumers is always changing the prediction of iron scrap pricing is almost impossible.

construction-tractor-excavator-site-largeIn comparison to the other metals on the market, iron consistently shows to be least in demand with the lowest trade in value. In California you can expect the going rate for iron to be anywhere from $.03 to $.10 per pound. However, due to the low value of iron, iron is typically priced and accepted in tons versus pounds like more valued metals are accepted in.

Since the iron market is unpredictable and doesn’t increase by much when it’s at a high, we suggest saving it up and turning it in for cash when you have at least a full ton. This will ensure you get full value for your iron scrap. Give us a call at our nearest location to find the current going rate for iron as it fluctuates daily.